Saturday, April 21, 2012

Craft of the day- toy box redo

Last fall I picked up this toy box from a garage sale. It was white, but dingy. In January I finally got around to fixing it up. I spray painted it white again. Than I taped off stripes and painted the pink. Then I cut out black vinyl with my circuit. I cut out the flowers on the sides too and stenciled it on. I think it looks pretty cute in her room! The cute model doesn't hurt either!

April 2012

Here is what we've been up to!

Getting into all available cabinets.
Playing with the new favorite toy- bag of bacon bits she found in the fridge. (she has been carrying them around for over a week now.)
Doing some shopping.
Playing at the park...on a chilly day.
Playing in the grass with daddy on a warmer day.
Watching some conference.
Making weird faces.
Losing pants at grandma's.
Hanging out with her best kitty friend, olive.
Enjoying a warm day stroller ride.
Bundling up for a back-to-cold-weather day.
Got a new high chair.
Just hangin out.
Celebrating momma's bday.
Having a picnic while momma does some gardening.
Reading and reading books and books!

First Easter

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Children's Museum

Before Christmas some of chance's family came to Indy to hang out with us for a few days. Chance was on call for work so couldn't leave the area for basically the whole month of December . While they were here we went to the children's museum. I haven't been since I was a kid. I thought it was cool then of course, but lots of the time doing things again as an adult can be a disappointment. Well the museum is still awesome and huge. I loved it and can't wait until penny is old enough to love it too!
We also went to an IU first at assembly hall. It was a blow out but still super fun.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Looks like I have some catching up to here are some highlights.

Penelope was a cute little lady bug for Halloween! I LOVE it! I got the costume from my friend Megan at my baby shower, so i've been looking forward to her wearing it for some time now.
I wanted to get good use out of it, so she wore it several times. The above photo is of us at Target a couple days before Halloween.

While at the apple orchard, I picked up some pumpkins for our porch. I didn't want to carve them because i wanted to display them through Thanksgiving i got some little ones. A daddy one, a momma one, and a baby one.

The weekend before Halloween we went to Columbus and went to the pumpkin patch with Chance's family...another opportunity for Penny to be a ladybug!

There were lots of fun fall things to do, like hayrides and games for the kids. Penny was a good sport and was pretty good about being passed around by everyone.

Then on actual Halloween, she got to be a ladybug again. We didn't do any trick-or-treating. We hung out on our front porch and passed out candy. Our neighborhood was CRAZY busy. I expected it to be busy since there are a ton of kids in our area, but I was not even close on my estimation of how much candy we'd need. I had to ask my mom to stop and get more on her way over because I was out after 45minutes! It was really fun though. I loved seeing everyone's costumes. I was a little disappointed on the creativity for the neighborhood kids' costumes this year. My favorite one i saw was an older girl (6ish) who was Bo Peep. And she had two younger girls (2ish) who were the lost sheep. It was ADORABLE! Penny enjoyed sitting on my nap on the porch chewing on a wrapped snickers most of the evening. A fun first Halloween for my Penny!

6 Months Old

Thanksgiving weekend Penny celebrated her 6 month birthday! She is such a big girl. Lately I have been feeling like she isn't a baby anymore. She's like a little person that I hang out with all day. I feel like she enjoys my company, we laugh at funny things, she's just a big girl now.

She had her 6 month dr checkup a couple weeks ago. She is now ON the charts! She has always been above the curve for both height and weight, so i think she's evening out. She is still in the 99th percentile for height and the 95 percentile for weight. Her dr appt was also eventful because she got two shots in each thigh. It was awful...for me and for her.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Those are some Great Grandparents!

Penny is not even 6 months old yet, but has already been lucky enough to meet 3 of her 4 sets of great-grandparents! I think it is so wonderful, especially since NONE of them live anywhere close to us!

Both sets of Chance's grandparents live in Utah, but Great-Grandma and Grandpa Tarbox were able to come to Indiana and Ohio for Chance's sister Heidi's wedding in September. We miss seeing them all the time. It was so nice to have them close while we lived in Utah.

My mom's parents live in Memphis, but were able to come visit in October. Penny enjoyed some time with her great-grandpa.

Here is 4 generations: Penelope Jane, Jessica Lynn, My Mom Vickie Lynn, and Her Mom Betty June!

In August, my dad's mom was came to visit for a few weeks. She is from here in Indiana, but is serving a mission in Utah right now.

I warned her that Penny's chubby cheeks were addicting, but by the time she left, I think my grandma was addicted to kissing those cheeks too. It is hard to resist

They were so cute rocking together!

I loved having all of the grandmas and grandpas around and wished they all lived closer so I could see them more often. I am grateful that Penny got to meet them, and they got to shower her with kisses, (or as my grandma carlson says, "sugars")! Love it! Y'all come back now, ya here!